Kathleen "Katie" Vranesic
SMW Director

Civ 2T1+1 I got involved with MW during my “second lap” of my First Year, ie: my second year on campus, but I was in first year courses. Being apart of MW has really allowed me to get to do two things I love : talk openly and honestly about mental health and help our community. I strongly believe that Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health, and being apart of MW helps me communicate that to people. As someone who got diagnosed with mental health conditions later on in life, if I had known the signs beforehand, I would’ve been able to get help much sooner. I hope by raising awareness, I can help other people realize within themselves if they’re struggling sooner and get the help they need. I’m extremely open about my mental illness because I want to raise awareness about ADHD/PTSD/dermatillomania and their misconceptions, as well as bring attention to the negative stigma that surrounds the neurodivergent community. I’m also involved with other organizations on campus, such as the Blue and Gold Committee and Humans of Skule™! Feel free to send an email to to get in contact with me!

Sheral Kumar
Vice Director


Cher Martinez

Hey everyone! My name's Cher and I'm one of the communication directors. I'm a Mech 2t2 and I'm one of the shy ones in the team with SMW being only thing in Skule I'm part of right now. Despite that, I'm just as happy to help as everyone else~ If you ever spot me on facebook or my go-to spots in Bahen or SF library feel free to chat if u have any questions about anything whether it's about SMW or even if you just need to vent/need someone to talk to

Bipasha Goyal

Hi everyone! My name is Bipasha and I am EngSci 2T1 in the Biomedical Systems option. In my second year I was the Events Director for SMW and enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to come back as Communications Director this year. Being an international student, in addition to the stresses of Skule, I had to adapt to a completely new environment so I can whole heartedly understand that SKULE IS HARD. But hopefully, our team can provide ways for you to deal with this. Other than SMW, I am the Head of Academic Outreach for CUBE and a GEARS mentor! The Office is leaving Netflix soon so that’s where a majority of my time goes. Feel free to approach me on Facebook for any questions you have about anything at all.


Mehak Sharma

Hello beautiful people! My name is Mehak Sharma, you can call me Emm. I’m an ECE 2T2 and one of the Outreach Directors for SMW.

Gehna Karani


Sonali Dey

Hello there, I’m Sonali, an Engineering Science 2T1 student. I’m working with Melanie, the other events director at SMW, to create programming throughout the year that encourages coming together as a community and being mindful of mental wellness. I’m always open to chatting with you about ideas for these events, or just about life, Skule, and mental wellness in general!

Melanie Tham

Hi everyone, I’m Melanie, a CIV 2T2, and I’m one of the events directors along with Sonali for SMW. We’re here to create and run exciting activities throughout the year for all of you, to de-stress and have some fun! I’m also currently a mentor for first year civs and when I’m not studying or doing club activities, I’m probably reading or listening to music. If there’s ever anything you want to talk about, whether it’s ideas for an SMW event or about life in general, feel free to message me!


Protiti Das

Hello! My name is Protiti and I'm a Chem 2T1! I'm one of the Marketing Directors for SMW. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you've probably seen some of my posts! I'm passionate about mental health awareness because I personally struggled a lot in first year and know first-hand how tough it can be to reach out for help when you need it. I'm so proud to be part of SMW and play a role in spreading awareness about mental health resources and helping people feel a little less alone when they're struggling. Outside of Skule, I love cooking, reading books, bullet journalling, watching TV and napping. I'm always open to chatting, whether it's about SMW or anything else! Feel free to say hi :)

Sabita Tasnim

Hey! My name is Sabita and I am an ECE 2T1. I am one of the Marketing Directors for SMW. I think we can all say that a lot of us struggled some way or another in SKULE. I hope to bring more awareness to the resources available around us. I personally was unaware of all of these mental health resources in first year and was not sure how to get help for myself. So, as marketing director I am glad to be helping students around me become more familiar with their resources through SMW. Outside SKULE, I am either tutoring high school students, doing my part as the Events Director for Hi-Skule or just exploring new places. If any of you see me around come say hi and you can always reach out to me if you have any questions or if you just want to talk!


Elena Pappas

Hi! My name is Elena, and I’m a Chem 2T2 + 1. When I’m not deeply hyperfocused on a Skule initiative such as Chem Club, Skule Nite, Skule Archives, or of course, Skule Mental Wellness, I can often be found holed up in my room playing piano, or singing my lungs out. I love music and video games, and love to chat incessantly about both! I’m also your part time chair for the 2019-2020 year, so if you’re interested in going to a part time course load, or just want to know what it’s like, reach out to me! I’m always super excited to talk to new people in the Skule community! I love talking about issues with mental wellness, ESPECIALLY if there are mems involved! Please, I beg of you, if you see any memes about ADHD, I will eat it right up and you will be my new favourite person!

Ethan Dean