Spiritual Wellness

What is Spiritual Wellness?

Spiritual wellness relates to having a set of beliefs, principles, and values that give meaning and purpose to your life. These do not have to be religious.

Ways to Improve Spiritual Wellness:

Find a Philosophy of Life You Want to Live By
Check out the Multi-faiath Centre to find some of the workshops and programs being run at U of T. They can link you to resources explaining the philosophies of the major religions of the world.
Feel Connected With Yourself and Others
Take time to live in the moment and spend time with your friends, without technology and enjoying the human to human connection.
Find Purpose in the Little Things
It can get really hard to motivate yourself to work on a weekly problem set if you don’t think of the bigger picture. Remember to take a step back and look at how the little things fit into your life as a whole, and help you achieve your goals.
Establish a Set of Personal Beliefs and Morals
These beliefs and morals don’t have to be set in stone. However, having personal beliefs aids with making day to day choices about how to live your life. Talk to your parents, family, friends, or the campus chaplains to learn more about the beliefs that they hold to help you with your choices.