Social Wellness

What is Social Wellness?

Social wellness relates to connections you have with friends, family, and others. This includes your connection in relationships (platonic, romantic, and sexual), how you express your sexuality, your support network, and being able to communicate feelings and needs with those around you.

Ways to Improve Soical Wellness

Develop Healthy Relationships
If you are uncomfortable in a relationship or are not happy, talk to the other person about it. Try your best to work on the relationship until you are happy. If they do not make an effort to improve their behaviour, seek advice from a trusted friend or adult.
Build Strong Social Skills
Improve your social skills so you are able to interact with others in public and private situations. Practice adapting to different social settings, until you grow comfortable with how to act. If you are in a new situation, don’t feel bad about taking a few minutes (or more) to get comfortable.
Stay True to Who You Are
Stick to who you are (this includes your values and beliefs) and don’t get persuaded by peer pressure. If you are not comfortable doing something, remember that you do not have to do it. Your friends will understand. Don’t be afraid to say no!
Join Clubs
U of T has a countless number of clubs - there is something for everyone! Talk to your friends to see what clubs they are in, or check out these engineering clubs and University of Toronto wide clubs.