Physical Wellness

What is Physical Wellness?

Physical wellness is wellness relating to your overall physical health. This includes nutrition, sexual health, as well as physical activity and your body-image.

Ways to Improve Physical Wellness:

Exercise Regularly
There are lots of ways to get active at U of T. Check out UofT Athletics to see the intramurals, drop in classes, and facilities that U of T has to offer. Don’t forget to check out the EAA Website to learn more about engineering only athletics!
Eat Healthy, Balanced Meals
Focus on eating whole, nutritious foods and reduce the amount of unhealthy snacks you eat. A few minutes of packing a healthy lunch/snack in the morning can save you money and improve physical health. Make sure you are eating from all of the food groups! Check out the Canadian Food Guide to learn more.
Drink Water
The recommended daily water intake is approximately 2 L. Carry around a water bottle with you as UofT doesn't sell plastic water bottles anymore. Fill up your bottle at any of the campus fountains for free!
Reduce Caffeine Intake
The more caffeine you have, the less effective it is on you. Save that large coffee for the day you really need it, and opt for a decaf or a different drink. You'll save money, and stay healtheir.
Develop a Regular Sleep Schedule
Sleep is very important, especially the day before exams/midterms. Getting enough sleep improves your immune system, helps you retain knowledge, and ensures you are attentive ready to learn in class the next day. Getting between 6-8 hours of sleep a day is encouraged, and having a set routine will make it easier to get out of bed in time for those 9 AM classes.
Visit the Doctor on a Regular Basis
Ensure you are going for your yearly checkups! If you think you are sick, see a doctor as soon as you can instead of wating until it gets serious. UofT has doctors on campus - check out UofT Student Life to learn more.
Limit or Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Non-Prescription Drugs
Excessive substance use can greatly effect brain and liver function. Practice drinking in moderation and understand that drugs/alcohol should not become a dependancy.