Mental Wellness

What is Mental Wellness?

Mental wellness pertains to your overall mental health. It encourages stimulating mental activities, setting goals and motivating yourself to work productively and effectively to accomplishing them. One of the most important aspects of mental wellness is your ability to perform to the best of your ability and feel like you are having an impact on your community.

Ways to Improve Mental Wellness:

Find Interests That Are Intellectually Stimulating to You
If you are finding that you enjoy hands on work, join a design team and see how your courses translate to practical experiences. Sign up for a case competition and work in a team to solve a unique challenge using what you’ve learned. There are lots of ways at SKULE to get more out of your coursework, and these are just a few.
Find Your Destressors
University and life can be very stressful, especially in engineering. It is very important to find things that allow you to relax, and to do them on a regular basis. Whether it is playing sports, colouring, or music, it is essential to regularly destress to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Check out our destressors here and see if any of those work for you!
Set Realistic Goals
If you are having trouble setting goals and working to achieve them, there is help! Drop by the first year office. They have a number of resources for time management and goal setting, regardless of what year you are in. Ensure to talk to the advisors about what you are feeling, and they can refer you to an academic advisor or learning strategist that will be able to help you in your situation.
Try Something New
University is the time to try a number of different experiences. Doing something different everyday - talking to a new person or trying a new club will allow you to grow as a person, but will also affect your professional life as well! You never know what’s out there for you until you try so don’t be afraid to take the first step.
Don't Be Afraid to Seek Help
Talk to an upper year about course advice, go to a GEARS session, or check out our Situation Specific Tips. Don't feel like you have to do everything on your own, we are here to help!
Celebrate When You Accomplish a Goal
Make sure that you are taking some time to enjoy yourself and have fun with your friends, especially when you accomplish something. Even if it’s as simple as finishing an assignment, reward yourself for your hard work! This will keep you motivated to keep working when you start your next task.