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A new place, new people, not knowing people can make things hard...

Here's how you can get to meet people!

Introduce yourself to the person sitting beside you in class

If you haven’t spoken to the person sitting next to you in class, say hi before class starts! Tell them your name, and a little bit about yourself. Ask them about the homework. At the end of class, if you don’t understand something, ask them if they got it. The next time you have that same class, try and sit near them again and talk to them. If after one or two classes you don’t seem to click, try sitting next to someone else. You’re going to spend a lot of time in class at SKULE so making friends in your classes is important and will happen all of your 4+ years at U of T.

Join a club

Joining clubs are a great way to meet new people. You’ll be seeing the same people every week, working on a project or doing an activity together. Get to know your clubmates! You all have something in common (as you’re in the same club) but try and get to know them better by finding out what else they are interested in.

Click here to see a list of SKULE clubs

Click here to see a list of UTSU clubs

Get to know the people on your floor

If you’re in residence, you’re going to be spending a full year living on the same floor as a whole bunch of people. When you see them in the hallways, say hi! Introduce yourself. Start a conversation.. Who knows, you could find out you live right next door, and become friends.

Go to events

Events happening around SKULE are a great way to meet new people without having the commitment of a club. Play with the BNAD, go to SUDS, or do a workshop! You’re guaranteed to meet some awesome people. The great thing is that a lot of events are recurring so you can keep seeing the same people, giving you time to develop a friendship.

SKULE Calendar

Spend time in the Pit between classes

The Pit's a great place to get to know your fellow engineers. When you have a break between classes, stop by the Pit and see if you recognize anyone from class, residence, or your discipline. If you do, start a conversation with them! If not, share a table with someone new and introduce yourself - who knows, you may be in some of the same classes without even realizing it.

Hang out in the common room

Spending time in the common room is a great way to meet people in your discipline. A lot of common rooms have video games or foosball set up. If you’re bored, start a game with someone! Here’s where the discipline common rooms are located:

  • Chem: WB 238
  • Civ/Min: GB 123
  • ECE: SF B650
  • EngSci: BA 2110
  • MIE: MB 225B
  • MSE: WB 143
  • TrackOne: SF 1105

Take initiative, be open, and be yourself!

It's common to find friends in people you’d least expected. Be open-minded and don’t judge a book by its cover. The more time you spend with a person the more you will get to know them, what they’re interested in, and how much you have in common. So make sure to give it some time before you jump to conclusions about a person. Take initiative - don’t be afraid to talk to someone for the first time. You could meet your best friend that way!