How Can We Help?

It's completely natural to feel homesick during your time at university...

Don't spend too much time in your room

Isolating yourself will give you more time to think about home, so it's important to keep yourself busy. Study at the library instead of your room, get involved in clubs/teams, or even explore the city! You'll slowly start to find yourself thinking less about home, and before you know it you'll be calling university your second home!

Call/Visit home - but not too often

Keeping in touch with your friends and family is great for staying connected to your life back home. However, doing this too often can remind you of the distance and how much you miss home. It will also prevent you from immersing yourself and getting involved in your new environment as your focus will be on your life at home. TIP: Until you overcome homesickness, have an agreement with your family on how often you plan on visiting/calling (this amount should be moderate)

Talk to someone

UofT is a very diverse school, the students here come from all over the world. Many people will be away from home - whether that is an hour car ride or a 12 hour flight. In other words, you are not alone! Talking to people in the same situation as you can help alleviate your feelings and will start to build you a support network at university.