Emotional Wellness

What is Emotional Wellness?

Emotional wellness has to do with understanding and accepting our own personal feelings while also acknowledging the thoughts and feelings of others. It deals with the ability to cope with stress, while also encompassing self esteem, self confidence, and self control.

Ways to Improve Emotional Wellness:

Understand Your Emotional Behaviour
When you’re stressed, do you stress eat? Do you get more irritable? Or do you get really hyper? By watching our emotions and how our behavior changes with them we can learn to control ourselves and limit the negative effects that strong emotions have on us.
Express Yourself
Express your needs, feelings, and opinions effectively but appropriately. If you are out with your friends and you are really hungry, tell them! If there is a conflict in your group project, make sure that you are getting your opinion out there, but also that you are listening to everyone else’s opinions. There is a time and place for everything!
Be Optimistic
Believe in yourself and your abilities. You are a student at UofT, one of the best universities in Canada! You have accomplished a lot already as a student - don't sell yourself short. A good way to improve self-esteem is to write a list of everything you have accomplished so far and leave it somewhere you see on a regular basis. Let this list affirmate yourself confidence and go accomplish your goals!
Talk to a Trusted Friend or Family Member
Sometimes the best thing to do after a long day is to talk to someone. Hearing things out loud allows you to see how small a situation actually is, and it can really help to have an outsider’s point of view when dealing with something.